Wedding Management

We have dedicated professionals for each segment to look after and take care of All activities related to wedding ceremony from pre wedding to post wedding ceremony.

  1. It includes giving theme and presentation.
  2. Guest list preparation, selection of accommodations for them, Transportation management, air /train booking management, Co-ordination at the site via professionally trained scouts so that They feel royal and special at your ceremony.
  3. Venue selection and finalization.
  4. Vendor selection and their management for light, sounds, stage etc.
  5. Pre Wedding Functions : Sagai/ Engagement/Roka , Mehandi Ki Raat Ladies sangeet all management including caterers, theme based artist etc.
  6. Whole marriage ceremony which includes , Barat Management, Sehnai wala, Vermala, vidai / Doli etc.
  7. Professionally trained manpower to be stationed at different location to manage The ceremony.
  8. Good looking and beautiful female promoters to be provided at different services Such as at bar, dinner area, snacks service area, at the entrance gate etc.
  9. We provide mehndiwala, Sehnai wala, dhol wala, traditional folk dancers, From rajsthan, Nagadewala etc.
  10. We provide on client choice bollywood singers, Item performers, celebrity Artist, TV artists etc.
  11. We provide, Russian dancers, belly dancers, bollywood dancers, latin dancers, etc as per client request.
  12. Theme will be changed on every 3 months and can also be created as per client Demand and suggestions. Some of the marriage theme are :
    1. Ram Vivah
    2. Punjabi Village Theme
    3. Theme of flowers & light only
    4. Egyptian theme
    5. Colour theme based on different colour such as Red, Blue, Pink etc
    6. Arabian theme
    7. Aqua Theme
    8. Havelian theme
    9. Crystal theme
    10. Kundan Theme etc.

    We are providing all kinds of catering which includes, Indian South Indian, Rajsthani, Punjabi etc from the known and established caterers . Apart from this our specialization Is to provide branded stalls of Pizza hut, Domino's, Café Coffee Day etc to enhance the Standard of your ceremony.

    We also manage branded catering services as per the client choice at the best rate with valuable Services.

NOTE : We provide good rates accompanied with the venue whether it is farm houses, 5 star/4star hotels etc. Just give us a call and our executive will brief everything at your door step at no cost.


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